Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Let Life Mold You

Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
(Carl Jung)

There are two statements that are implied by the Law of Attraction, the more action-oriented insight, "energy flows where attention goes", and the more subconscious observation, "what you resist, persists". The first law covers the cause and effect of our conscious choices. We spiritual travelers have the ability to mold whoever we desire to be. We can choose love over conflict, co-operation over competition. Yet, when we are guided with good intentions and will-power alone, some persistent interferences will continue to pop up.

"What you resists, persists" speaks about the observation that life confronts us with obstacles we would rather live without. Why is there resistance that life puts up for us? Which authentic needs haven't we yet granted ourselves when temptations consistently lurk around the corner? Perhaps we are judging our brothers who merely wear different shoes than we do. Have we not forgiven ourselves for something we did in the past? Is it hard to forgive others for what they did to us?

Yin and yang, push and pull. For every reaction there is a counter-reaction. Just like breathing in and out, we put our best foot forward and then see how life responds. We move steadily between conscious push and subconscious pull once we accept life as is. When we are open to both; when we actively choose who we aspire to be while embracing, evaluating and adjusting to everything life brings our way, life will surely catapult us HOME on the fastest route possible.

Everything that comes our way is our belief-system at work. To travel the WAY we have to let life mold us.

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