Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Magic of the Four Cs

I developed the idea of the 4Cs - communication, connection, creativity and care - in my book, "The Magnificent Experiment". It was based on the observation that in a knowledge industry, we essentially have four requirements to be successful: we need to communicate and connect with others; we in fact gain our creativity and energy from this interaction. And if we want to be in that game for a long time, and be happy doing it, we better care about the people we work with.

As I was writing down the list of the 4Cs, I listed them from longest word to shortest, as written below:

When I looked at the order I figured that's perhaps how the ego would rank the importance in a business setting. We give a lot of importance to the communication of "our" ideas, as we feel that people will later give us credit for them. We like connecting with as many other important people as possible because we know that every interaction makes it more likely that someone will later speak up on our behalf. We also know that creativity is important for our long-term success, as is being nice to people, but probably not quite as much.

SPIRIT always takes the opposite direction. SPIRIT would argue that we are here to care about each other. That's where our spiritual mission comes from. Creativity is of GOD and we share that spark, as well as our love, in our daily connections with others. Lastly, communication is simply what happens naturally if everything comes together.

Truth of the matter is, the ego versus SPIRIT discussion, relevant and right as it appears, doesn't have to be that way at all. When I developed the idea of the 4Cs, I thought of all 4Cs as being one side of the same cube: Care, Communication, Connection and Creativity (to order the 4Cs alphabetically instead) all emerge from ONENESS. We are connected to our sister because we are ONE, and we naturally care for her. Creativity is GOD given, and communication is a natural expression of our connection, care and creativity of the moment.

Behold the Magic of the 4Cs!

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