Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lining up Thoughts, Words and Deeds along the WAY

It happens often to me that I hear stuff in my mind that would never come out of my mouth. I would never say it because I know that I would only belittle myself and conflict with the WAY. Similarly, there are even instances when I say stuff, but the moment I say it, I feel that I would never follow up on it.

Maybe I could stop my negative thoughts in the tracks as well but sometimes I just shrug my shoulders and say, let the ego fellow babble all he wants, life has shown me over and over again that he doesn't get what he wants anyhow. Same with the words, sometimes we just need to let off a little steam, but the next morning we try again much better this time.

Yet, I feel the negative impact of these thoughts, and that is the time when I typically snap out of it. If it is the evening I simply watch a movie to distract myself, or I go to bed early. In the morning meditation helps, and so forth. There are ways to restore the energy balance back to normal.

A spiritual path is an ongoing cleansing process. If I say things, and regret having said them, and next time try much better. Over time you just feel when something is not kosher and you consistently choose the path of healing and wholeness. As the years go by this process even works for thoughts. When I have negative thoughts these days I can even feel the negative energy hit. Of course I then do whatever I can to snap out of it.

There is no turning back once a spiritual path starts. The sky is the limit with our self-improvement as much as our healing process. It is a journey towards holiness via wholeness. Day in, day out, line up your thoughts, words and deeds with the WAY.

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