Thursday, April 13, 2017

Life Is Sweet along the WAY

It is a wonderful perk to be a spiritual traveler. We eventually learn not to blame others for the mood we are in. Before we started our awakening journey, whenever we had a foul mood, we blamed whoever came to our mind and made up a story that seemed convincing enough. The more dramatic the story got, the more powerful the lingering emotional outbursts that followed. Suddenly we found ourselves fighting with a phantom of our own making, sucking up our precious energy and making us even more grumpy in the process.

Today, we learn to dismantle the story we want to tell ourselves. Instead, we learn to be one with the emotion at this moment and use this energy for our own spiritual development. That way we learn not create more suffering for us and others, and not to waste our precious energy. The magic about this is, all the turmoil stops at the moment we stop projecting and find our SELF. Life is sweet again!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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