Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Living on the Edge

Have you ever observed how the fear of death prevents us from living our life fully? Why don't we dare to choose the career we truly love? Why do we work so hard and why do we save every penny? Why don’t we dare to take a walk on the wild side and settle for the one we truly love instead of opting for a convenient partner, or not venturing out at all?

We have so much fear! However, when we truly follow the stories that we are telling ourselves, the fear of death always lurks around the corner. We are afraid to die poor and alone! We are so scared of death that we never have a chance to truly live. We cannot enjoy our life unless we are willing to face these fears. A spiritual path confronts us with some big changes that we would never tackle alone. But we don't need to be afraid, the spiritual path also provides us with the support system to guide us into the desired direction.

Whenever we engage with our spiritual path we finally have a chance to awaken from our slumber. We are finally able to love, to act, and face life as is. Congratulations, you have left the zone of the living dead. Jump in and enjoy living on the edge!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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