Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sexual Curiosity

Have you ever observed how flowers are blooming in the spring and how people are in awe of their beauty? We write poems, take pictures and paint. We try different ways to celebrate this energy. We are grateful and appreciate the beauty nature has shared with us! However, if you really think about why these flowers are blooming, they are actually expressing their sexual energy. Same with us. It is no coincidence that the lower chakra of the female sexuality is symbolized as a lotus flower.

Have you ever observed what goes through your head when you see a girl who dresses very daringly? Are you calling her a slut or would you secretly like to be her? Perhaps you can observe how you talk to yourself next time you see someone who looks really sexy. Just from this simple observation you can understand your own attitude towards sex. Do you look down on people who look for having sex? Where exactly do you think your own attitude is coming from? Our culture, or parents; our religion or the media?

Why are people scared of sex? Why are people not very comfortable talking about it? Isn't sex the most natural thing in the world? If we can allow ourselves to be curious and open about these sex observation and are not immediately out to condemn it each time sex pops up in our head, then we can then have the freedom to really understand how we really feel about sex and act accordingly without these artificial struggles and conflicts.

Only with openness and curiosity can we have the chance to really understand this drive that is hidden deep inside. Only by looking at everything without these preconceived notions are we able to shed some light how we truly feel about sex. There is no alternative to this soul searching process since otherwise there will always be a shadow hanging over us. We despise others for openly expressing their sex desire but secretly wishing to do the same thing. We have to ask ourselves the question, do we really need to lead a life like this? Are we torturing each other without any need? Can we have sympathy or compassion toward others who are bold enough to express how they feel?

Life is fun, creative, and original when we are open to discover it ourselves and not to let other tell us how to lead our life! Why don’t you give yourself another chance for sexual curiosity.

By Su Zhen

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