Thursday, May 18, 2017

Be Yourself

When we constantly try to please everyone and be loved and accepted by all, we lose everyone else's approval as well because we are trying to be someone or something other than who we came here to be!
(Anita Moorjani)

I live in the land of the free. One day I may even move 60 miles north to New Hampshire. Their license plate says it all, "Live free or die". I am also a twenty year veteran in the investment business. We have friends just like in every other business. Yet, our bond is perhaps similar To the experience of soldiers who form deep connections with their friends in the trenches. Unfortunately, though, we are also surrounded by numerous fair-weather friends. Under-perform for a while and you will fall from grace no matter what.

You can impress for a few years, but hardly for a few decades unless the investment process is really sound and unique to your style. The odds of a rough stretch are simply too high over these long time spans so you have to have something to say for yourself to weather those. Anyone who wants to thrive in this marathon has to have found herself. Unfortunately love and acceptance is something that comes and goes in these ups and downs.

When colleagues join I try to tell them the rules if the game but it is not a very appealing message. The lure of being popular is simply too appealing. So I keep my head down and will try again after seven years with the colleagues who are are left standing. Be yourself and not something other people want you to be! I am grateful to my job for demonstrating to me what every spiritual traveler already knows, be yourself!

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