Wednesday, May 17, 2017

God gave us two eyes for a reason

The author Norman Mailer once remarked that he always felt most excited about his book projects when the angel as well as the devil on his shoulders were both cheering him on. This is an astute observation and explains why a passionate lifestyle eventually becomes a spiritual one. When we fall in love - to pick just one passion - we are equally turned on by our ego longings as well as our soul mission. We lust after the physical attributes of the significant other; we may be impressed by his job, her status or family connections. The soul has other stuff in mind, her pain body that needs healing or the latent conflicts with his in-laws that will come to the surface in a few years.

We are led by our feelings and we do what we do because of a higher purpose. Everything that happens to us always unfolds as should. We are led like puppets by forces that are over our heads but that eventually will lead us HOME. God gave us two eyes to enjoy lust and love. We are guided by honor and pleasure. We fall for greed and are inspired by benevolence. Accept life as is and make the best of it!

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