Saturday, May 27, 2017

Learning from our Mistakes

Have you ever observed how we beat ourselves up over the mistakes we made? The truth is, we are bound to make mistakes whether we are spiritual travelers or not. That’s why we are here on earth school. We are here to make mistakes and to learn. We are here to love and we are here to forgive.

People who take their own lives cannot forgive themselves for the mistakes they made or the wrongs others inflicted on them. The truth is, we all will make mistakes regardless of how smart, wise, or loving we are. The important question then remain though, how can we acknowledge these mistakes and consciously forgive them?

Let's try to observe how much resentment we carry around over the sins of the past. How much hatred, fear and frustration! Do you feel the desire to punish yourself and others? Why do we really want to do that to ourselves? How can we forgive when someone else wrongs us? Can we finally stop the treadmill of sin, resentment and punishment?

Instead of punishing ourselves and others, perhaps we can make good use of this destructive energy. Perhaps we can learn from our mistakes, or learn to walk in the people's shoes who may have wronged us. Imagine our children make mistakes' surely, we wouldn't go after them, would we? How can we teach our children about their mistakes and show them how to grow from them?

Along the WAY there is a lesson from every missed step; an insight about the special situation the person who annoyed us is given to us; and a choice for love and against hatred is always just one step away. This world is different from the past because we embrace the invite for a new path. A more loving, accepting, open person is born!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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