Sunday, May 28, 2017

On the Pain Body

We all have a pain body within us. This pain body is composed of our past emotions and experiences that still linger in the depth of our being. They often get activated and controlled by triggers outside of our consciousness. We think of ourselves as free human beings when we are actually not. We have no idea how this past energy influences us until someone guides us to see this connection and helps us releasing this lingering energy in us.

The Soul Regression work of Dr. Brian Weiss, as described in his book “One Soul, Many Bodies”, or the Family Constellation work by Bert Hellinger can bring these hidden connections into light, showing us how they in fact run our life. The insights help us to reconcile our life's events with our soul mission, help us releasing this energy, and over time, bring peace back into our life.

We can also work on our pain body diligently by facing our pain and fears head on. Life's many tasks, obstacles and stressful events are perfectly designed to revisit our past. Too often, unfortunately, we choose to drown our emotions with alcohol, pills, busy work schedules, media consumption, shopping, or overeating. Whenever the pain body resurfaces, we simply want to run away. A spiritual traveler learns pretty quickly to face whatever it is that life throws at us. There is no alternative really for life will remind us again, and again to face our past.

Don't be scared of your pain body. These are old ghosts that need to be acknowledged before they can move on. Recognize life's calling for love, healing, and health and embrace it!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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