Monday, May 29, 2017

Sharing Life with AllThatIs

If you belong entirely and totally to the DIVINE, then all that belongs to you, all that forms part of your material being, belongs to the DIVINE. (The Mother)

I remember once posting a survey in the Spiritual Networks community asking whether sex is consistent with our spiritual paths. One response in particular spoke to me; someone stated that she is happy to share her mind-blowing orgasms with AllThatIs. I thought her response was a brilliant contribution to the discussion and was reminded of it when I read the quote from above on the spiritual usefulness of material possessions. It is fine to buy a mansion and live in it happily as long as we share its beauty with others and take responsibility for it. It is fine to have a fancy career and to enjoy fame and fortune, as long as we make it a purposeful endeavor and share our riches with others. Apparently, it is also quite alright to have mind blowing orgasms in a loving dance with our soul partners.

GOD - the dancing Lord Shiva - provides a playful expression of limitless and loving energy. Find your expression of that energy, leave your mark behind and enjoy!

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