Friday, May 26, 2017

Let the WAY set you free

Synchronicity is not the TRUTH that works for everyone; synchronicity shows us how to proceed to find the divine CONNECTION that we once lost. It points us towards our mission that allows us to let go of what is holdings us back. So just synchronicity points you in a different direction doesn't mean that we should embark on a mission of good and evil. Instead, we just flexibly react to whatever comes our way. Let's honor and respect everyone who perceives this world differently. Let's honor even the folks who put obstacles in our path - they too are part of the WAY!

Right and wrong are hard to come by in GOD's divine maya. Spiritual usefulness makes a lot more sense as a concept. Simply go by the SIGNS life points you towards. They don't guarantee success and they may also not protect you from failure, but they will lead you right into GOD's arms.

Follow your heart and take the stretched out hands of all the angels along the WAY. When you live life with that mindset, prior mistakes can be corrected easily this time around. The past can be let go off. Follow the SIGNS of the WAY and be free.

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