Thursday, May 25, 2017

Big Data

Have you ever tried to imagine the number of stars in the universe, or the distance over which they spread? Have you heard that the universe is expanding with an accelerating speed? And then there is the possible existence of parallel universes that is equally mind-boggling. It is said that prior to the Big Bang all this vast energy was once contained in a small object the size of a ball. Go figure!

I am a spiritual traveler and I have stopped predicting anything. All I do know is how to react in a given situation. It rarely happens to me that I could go either way. I also waste no time regretting decisions or lose sleep over what may happen tomorrow. Somehow the holy NOW has a habit of taking care of me. I doubt that tomorrow will be any different.

Recursive solving techniques start with the present value and solve backwards the path to get you here. That's really Big Data right there when you think about it. Could there be a MIND that starts with our destiny and then solves backwards and lines up all the events that make us decide moment by moment to get us there? Viewed from this perspective you could say that the "future" is in fact calling out to the holy NOW, just as the past calls out to be healed by our present choices.

It is mind numbing to think how sophisticated GOD's maya has to be to get us to our destiny. Perhaps as easy or complicated as solving for the trajectory of all planets over time. Perhaps we are just a micro manifestation of the planetary evolution on a macro scale, just as astrology would maintain. The ego would naturally be scared to death thinking about it. Once we travel the WAY, however, there is only one simple choice to make here and now: choose love and leave everything else in HER capable hands.

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