Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Holy Trinity: Present, Past and Future

Time is a mere illusion to keep us in the dark about what the divine maya is all about. Every living moment our intention communicates with the past as well as the future. A wholesome intention in the holy NOW heals the past just as each purposeful action is directed by the already accomplished future. When we find ourselves regretting the past we are wasting our precious energy. The past, as imperfect as it appears, was what it took to get us to this holy decision point right now. And If we find ourselves fearing the future we can help the situation by zooming into the next purposeful action instead.

Let's show up at this magic moment. Let's heal the past and let the future will guide us. Let's honor the Holy Trinity, present, past and future. The Holy Now always has a present in hand for us!

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