Monday, May 15, 2017

The Choice

As within, so without. The Indian Rishis discovered this law at a time when the Europeans were still climbing trees. True and observable as this law is, it is still hard to accept for the scientifically trained modern mind. Still, we very much can run experiments with our lifestyle to test this hypothesis. That's what the Law of Attraction is all about.

"As within, so without" is the conjecture that we live in a world where our personality, our assumptions about the world and the choices we make are interdependent with the environment we operate in. Change your mind about the world, believe it and act on it, and the world you live in will change accordingly. That's the promise of "The Secret" and as such, doesn't require an assumption about GOD.

We spiritual travelers take the premise a step further. We argue that the world we perceive is GOD's maya and divine glimpses are always at our disposal if we are pure hearted, kind and simple-minded enough to perceive them. In fact, synchronicity is GOD's invite to dance with us for today's modern minded people. In medieval times, when humanity's perception of the world was an entirely different one, HE used angels, fairies and magicians instead. Don't get me wrong though, some of my spiritual friends tell me that they are still around. GOD speaks many languages, each tailored to the needs of HIS children. In my book "The Magnificent Experiment", I describe how I opened up to GOD's world when I encountered synchronicity that my scientifically trained mind just couldn't grasp.

We spiritual travelers believe that GOD has implanted an ancient VOICE within us that gets activated when we are ready to listen. From that day on we are on a conscious journey HOME that replaces the subconscious soul-searching journey we had been on before. What we called HOLY SPIRIT in the olden days has be branded SELF or SOUL by the New Age spiritual movement. The idea is the same, the HOLY SPIRIT provides this connection between us, the world we live in and GOD.

As a spiritual traveler I titled this note "The Choice". We have a CHOICE to believe, to perceive and to act, and the world we interact will change accordingly with it. Having traveled the WAY for a while now, I have experienced that every moment a door opens to GOD's KINGDOM and once when we walk through it, we connect our self with the SELF. We heal our environment just as we heal ourselves. You have this CHOICE. Discover it, use it and enjoy the ride!

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