Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Harmony of Life

I was in my office after lunch when my wife called and told me that our youngest boy had an accident at school. Naturally I was scared, even though I remembered that typically after a few stitches, and with a little divine assistance, everything is soon back to normal.

I had a couple of meetings that could easily be postponed. Our assistant was out for lunch that day so I left her a note to please cancel them both for me. As I was sitting in the ER I saw the email that both meetings had been canceled so I stopped thinking about work. But then, when I got into the office on the next day, I noticed that both meetings had in fact been canceled by my colleagues before our assistant could reach out to them. Both colleagues somehow had conflicts themselves that days, and both figured this out in the thirty minutes before our assistant could reach out to them.

What a great reminder that everything is always meant to happen as is and if you just always go with the flow you can stop worrying about your plans, schedule and your agenda. There is a harmony of life. Dive into the busyness of life and let GOD take you to your desired destination.

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