Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Kick

I was sitting in an investor meeting when my colleagues were discussing an area outside of my coverage. I certainly had my ideas on the subject but chose to sit on the more comfortable fence rather than entering a discussion that was potentially over my head. Then the unexpected happened, an investor who needed to know the answer based on his investment style, inadvertently kicked me under the table. I took the cue and started joining the discussion. From there on things went downhill as well as uphill. A multi-year personal involvement with a case happened that eventually lifted my career to a much higher level. Since that fateful day I have received multiple kicks under the table and I always followed through when that happened. The DAO communicates in mysterious ways and win or lose, I always respond without hesitation.

I work in a modern day knowledge industry. If I had to describe what my job as a financial strategist is all about I would say that it is about the creative spark between me and my colleagues. I have developed a unique niche for myself especially when I discovered that my spiritual path is the recipe for "success". I follow the energy of the work flow and am often directed by the synchronicity of the situation. Mostly, I just spend my time hanging out with my friends. I am what you would call a modern day light worker but I am not going out and convert and rescue anyone. Light working for some of us spiritual travelers just means to be part of an otherwise competitive and profitable business setting and to provide our share of co-operation and care for the ones who need a little help at the right time.

I already wrote up the insight of the "Four Cs" in my first book, the recipe for success in the modern day knowledge industry: communication, collaboration, creativity and care. When it comes to collaboration, creativity and care, I am probably not that different from the amazing people I work with. Where I am different is that the WAY often does the communication for me. But then, there is nothing secret about it either. Spirituality is an open architecture platform and everyone who decides to can become a spiritual traveler in a heart-beat. Become a Meister (master of your craft) and profit in today's thriving knowledge industries.

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