Monday, May 8, 2017

Don't go by what people say, go by what they do

My boss stopped by one day and told me a rather depressing message, "It is likely", he said, "that your job will get lost in the upcoming organizational shake-up." That was a shocker, but why was even more interesting about the otherwise depressing news, he took a piece of chocolate from the praline bowl that I have in my office for my visitors. He and I hadn't seen eye to eye in quite a while, so that was the first time in months that he went for his beloved chocolate.

"Go by what people do, not what they say" is typically meant the other way around. It alerts you that you shouldn't be taken in by the flowery words people might say to you and instead should gauge their true intentions by their actions. Well, I am a light worker so I am protected by a higher authority when I interact with people. They can't get to me with their flattery because their energy introduces them well before they speak. It is actually even more straight forward than that. As a light worker I am utterly uninteresting for the people who are out to conquer the world. I operate in a niche instead and my path simply doesn't cross with the people who are driven by their agenda. The people I meet either have a truthful message for me or they are simply my friends, but there is never any beating around the bush.

It turned out that the fact that my boss took the chocolate was a lot more meaningful than what he said that day. A few weeks later he made a complete u-turn on this decision when the people I work with pushed back on this decision. Maybe this little example can help you in your real life interactions as well. Look for the SIGN along the WAY and understand every conversation within this divine context.

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