Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cheering from Across the Bridge

Your bridge is builded stronger than you think, and your foot is planted firmly on it. Have no fear that the attraction of those who stand on the other side and wait for you will not draw you safely across” (A Course in Miracles)

At work I once gave great speeches about the power of positive thinking to some colleagues when they needed a bit of encouragement. When I struggled professionally myself, what could I do but to follow my own advice?

Our boys are me, and dependent on whether or not I advance in this lifetime, they might one day be forced to do this homework for me. What choice do I have but to give it all while I still can?

My wife is the hardest working and the most loyal person I have ever met. I would be cursed for several lifetimes if I didn't carry my own weight walking next to her.

My spiritual friend Su Zhen must be the most sensitive person on planet earth. Whenever my ego gets the upper hand and when my spiritual vigilance slips, my connection with her is broken. What choice do I have but to follow the WAY every step?

One day a spiritual novice introduced herself to me. In all her struggles I see grit and potential. If she gives it all to launch her spiritual journey, who am I not to pull along?

We are surrounded by friends and are given a spiritual mission to complete. It is like a race where we hear the cheering and clapping the louder the closer we get to the finish line. Amazing what kind of power and poise we have when SHE is calling.

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