Thursday, June 1, 2017

Getting in touch with the Inner Friend

Have you ever observed how you talk to yourself? Do you constantly scold yourself for the mistakes you have made? Have you reflected why you talk to yourself like that? Have you been doing this perhaps since you were little? Can you hear the voices of your parents, teachers, or priests talking to you? Did they constantly stop you from doing things in order to protect you, or to adjust your ways? Did they continuously criticize you so that one day you would turn out to be a "good" member of society?

This nonstop mental feed-back and judgment keeps us active, conscientious and productive, but at the same time, we loose our zest for life as the decades go by. We also loose our curiosity, generosity and openness. How can we be generous with others when we are harsh to ourselves. Same with depression, how can we eat from life's abundant banquet if we lock ourselves up indoors and draw the curtains.

With this non-stop surveillance, we can only lose our passion for life. Life is messy. We have to learn to make mistakes and develop and learn from them. We have to learn to become the child again that our stern caregivers wanted us to grow out of quickly. When we treat ourselves like an judge or a police officer, we may make a good accountant but we can hardly aspire to have an entrepreneurial or creative mindset.

How different our life can be when we hear a kind and considerate voice in our head instead. Try our hypothesis and look right through the negative self-talk spirals. Our SELF is always at our disposal when we learn to cut out the self-imposed interferences. Hold hands with the inner child and the messengers of the WAY will be nearby to cheer you on.

Will we have the courage to live our life knowing that regardless of what happens, we are loved, accepted, and guided?

By Christian and Su Zhen

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