Wednesday, May 31, 2017

When Nemo went to School

It is said that Asians are more likely to describe a school of fish whereas the Europeans and the Americans are more likely to find Nemo in it. I reflected on my work situation and how much I have changed since the last time I struggled professionally. Some 14 years ago I perceived a war of good and evil whereas today I see at best good cops and bad cops. The guys who want to push me out today are as much my friends as the ones who lobby for me to keep it. Who cares - besides the ego - about what will happen in the end. GOD has a PLAN. So I let the ego do the kicking and screaming while I eagerly anticipate how the movie will unfold while I play my part to the best of my abilities.

Why does Nemo have to have a separate identity? Isn't that personal vision more often than not the trouble maker? Instead, I zoom into the gestalt of my surroundings and try to discover GOD's PLAN in it. It is an ongoing opportunity to discover the "I AM THAT I AM" moment in the interplay of everyone. Nemo, the school of fish, and the whale that takes out a third of the school of fish for his daily meal. Let GOD's PLAN come to you and awaken.

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