Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pursuing the CHOICE

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
(Carl Jung)

We cannot change the fact that we are propelled forward by subconscious forces beyond our control. We read self-help books, we share good-sounding spiritual memes, we certainly feel "enlightened" at times, but we keep on doing what we have been doing all our life. It is our nature, and how we perceive and experience life will always be colored by the blinders we have on until the day when life removes them for us.

It is right to say that the ordinary folks who haven't yet awoken to their spiritual mission are misguided in many ways. It is not right to say, however, that we are any better than they are. What makes us more "enlightened" is the CHOICE at the present moment. What puts us on a more sustainable path is the spiritual mission that we have chosen and that makes us do the things that go again our nature, painful and uncomfortable as this might be on occasions.

A spiritual path is a full contact sport. Once we credibly commit to this new way of experiencing life, life will take us by the horns and pull us into the directions that we were meant to travel. Pain, blood and tears are part of the WAY, not because spirituality has anything to do with these dark subjects, but only because our nature is so darn stubborn to let go off. Our natures can be changed, so jump right into life's messiness and get your job done!

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