Friday, June 9, 2017

The Blessings of the Fellowship

As far back as she can remember, she was often home alone. She couldn't read the time yet, the only sound she heard was the train far away, and the tick-tock sound of an old clock. When she got older, she couldn’t wait to go to school. Sure, she was a little afraid too, but the world outside of her lonely home intrigued her. She started to blossom in both her school work and her social life.

Something was off though; even though she was well-liked, she still felt like an outsider. The isolated childhood must have had some impact, she simply didn't feel that she belonged to any group and sometimes wandered around like an outsider. She was so used to this kind of life that when she became a mother of two boys, she drifted back to her old-familiar seclusive lifestyle.

Familiar as the seclusive lifestyle was, it soon became suffocating. The mother started her spiritual practice to find a way out of her miserable situation. Some outspoken members of the spiritual community told her that the "less enlightened people" would only "pollute" her energy field, so she got confirmation of her bias to stay aloof. She adopted that doctrine and even became afraid of people over time. Yet, being alone also didn't feel right.

As she grew more uncomfortable with her secluded life-style she realized that she had simply taken over the believe-set of the spiritual doomsayers. She realized in fact the opposite, whenever she was with other people she was at her best. She learned from them just as they learned from her, and they in fact inspired each other. She discovered the SPIRIT in the communion of likeminded friends.

Today, she is often is in the spotlight when she is out and about. Her wisdom and intelligence shines when she is with a well-meaning group of people. She discovered the blessings of the fellowship. She becomes her best when people get together with the intention to help and fulfill each other. With this realization, a new world has opened up for her. She is finally ready to learn from people, be with them, and tie her fate line to that of others.

We find our SELF in the fellowship of well-meaning people. Everyone is a manifestation of GOD and we are blessed to have these angels in our lives.

By Su Zhen

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