Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Power of Tomorrow

Sometimes the voice inside of our head is so powerful that we are simply helpless to do something about it. We know that what goes through our head is not spiritually kosher. We try to silence the voice and don't want to admit the hostile feelings to ourselves. We deep-breathe, we pray, we try to distract ourselves, but no matter what we do we just cannot stand up to the inner reasoning of despair, revenge and fear. 

So what, we have seen this movie before. Somehow since our spiritual journey started in earnest actual events always turned out a little different than we anticipated, imagined and planned for. We know that the voice in our head is not in charge, a much wiser, kinder and more intelligent FORCE is. From experience we might as well let the voice in our head cry murder today because we have faith in 'the power of tomorrow'.

Readers of Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" might cringe reading this title. Yet, I have often experienced 'the power of tomorrow', and I am sure you have to. So what if we can't stand up to our confused and conflicted thoughts and feelings today. The holy SPIRIT doesn't mind. HE designs the next encounter, plans the next break, or works out the next problem statement ready for us to solve. When the time comes everything will be different, and we shall again be ready to choose love instead. 

The voice in our head is going to be inspired by the 'here and now' on that holy tomorrow. Today, we have a great opportunity to drink a glass of wine, watch a good movie and go to bed.

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