Friday, June 30, 2017

The Transformation

There is a time when childhood should be passed and gone forever. Seek not to retain the toys of children. Put them all away, for you have need of them no more." (A Course in Miracles)

I remember lying in bed playing 'Cowboys and Indians' with my toy pistols. Suddenly a strange feeling overcame me. "Am I not a little old for this?", I asked myself. I shrugged my shoulders and kept playing just because it was fun. Six months later it would never have occurred to me to play these childish games. I somehow had grown up.

The other day that memory came back to me when I realized at work how much my goals had changed. There was a time when a promotion -  the official stamp of approval that I would be a member of the club of experts - meant the world to me. Recognition is still important an important motivation for me, but I also understand the price to pay for reaching the next professional level much better. I have moved on to different goals instead.

Today, showing up at work and making it through a busy and eventful day is already a good accomplishment. Just as actors in sitcoms demonstrate to us on TV, making it through the ups and downs with good humor, style and some fun is all that really matters. I hang out with my friends at work and get my spiritual inspirations for my notes and books. Unbeknown to everyone, I am a light-worker. My presence is all that matters and everything else is secondary.

Life is one ongoing transformation, but you have to put your best foot forward in getting what is meaningful to you. If you repress what you want in the name of spirituality, it will come back to you over and over until you finally deal with it. But if you take life by the horns and discover the rhythm to dance with HER, all your desires and aspirations will naturally work themselves through the system until you either get what you want or are ready to let go and move on to the next level. In the words of E. Graham Howe,

It is the fulfillment of our life which should be our aim: not avoidance of defeat, nor victory, but only traveling on.”

Open up to life and let it upgrade you to the next spiritual level.

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