Monday, June 19, 2017

The Spiritual Importance of the Here and Now

There is a voice inside of us that tells a story. The environment that we are operating in can tell us about life as is instead. It is not straightforward to perceive life as is with all the chatter in our head, but when we approach life with an open mind, the WAY will increasingly teach us to view the world with a spiritual eye.

The place where our perceived "I" meets the world is the holy NOW that so many spiritual travelers tell us about. The holy NOW puts the voice and the story in context and allows the divine observer to kick in. The intersection of "I" and life, viewed from a spiritual perspective, generates the divine "I AM THAT I AM" experience.

How can we complain about the obstacles that we are facing? How can we mind the sadness and the pressures that life occasionally brings our way? Isn't it in situations like these when we understand that the voice in our head is not us at all? Try to do that when everything is going your way, the voice in your head will try to tell you that you are enlightened instead.

Let's embrace everything life brings our way. Let's open up to the here and now and let's be free!

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