Sunday, June 18, 2017

Less Bragging about Being Humble

I was playing soccer and volleyball at our company offsite the other day. As the adrenaline was rushing through me I realized how competitive I truly am. It was then when it dawned on me how good my job as a strategist in the financial industry has been for me personally, and even spiritually. I am grateful to my job for allowing me to put my best out there every day and compete with the best in the world to make money on behalf of our clients. Just as I discover who I truly am, I walk the WAY of cooperation, respect and spirituality.

I would rather be a spiritual writer yet the financial obligations of putting two boys through schools encourages me to keep working. Life knows a bit better what is good for me than I do. Yes, my job is stressful. Yes, the profit greed in our industry is often heartless, but at least here I live out my drives and may one day get this competitive streak out of the way once and for all. At last here I can accept who I truly am. What use would it be to sit on my couch instead, writing fancy notes of how humble and enlightened I am. Life has a habit of holding a mirror up for us when we repress things. Is it really more spiritual to secretly aspire to become the most widely read spiritual author instead?

As synchronicity has it, on the same offsite I was part of a working group that was asked to reflect on our firm culture statement. It was in fact amazingly humanistic and borderline spiritual in its objectives which explains why I have spent nearly a quarter of a century here. I had to smile though when our working group wanted to add a "street fighter" character to it. Light worker or not, I did not complain as it summed up my transformation from becoming less of a dreamer to more of a goal getter. One colleague got my attention when she joked, "perhaps we should do less bragging about being humble!"

Let's dive into life's messiness and get done what we need to with character, style, a spiritual mindset, as we well as poise.

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