Saturday, June 17, 2017

Perhaps ...

Sometimes we have some issues hanging over us that we just cannot solve. We may have already talked to all the experts and tried their suggestions but somehow the issue we are struggling with doesn't want to go away.

If we or one of our loved one is sick, we may have seen many doctors, and even tried famous healers but to no avail. The story goes that those healers have performed miracles in seconds, but somehow fall short in our case. "Why us?", we ask ourselves.

"Why us", soon becomes, "has GOD deserted us?" We are close to throwing in the towel. Perhaps ..., perhaps GOD wants us to know that we are healers as well. Perhaps GOD wants us to know that while we sought guidance from all these experts it never occurred to us to ask HIM instead. Perhaps God has HIS own PLAN.

Why don’t you trust and relax? Whatever happens will be good!

By Su Zhen

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