Friday, June 16, 2017

Accepting Myself Unconditionally

I am a pretty good spiritual writer. I have frequent insights and practice meditation as I write them down. When you ask me where exactly they come from, I would say they are an outgrowth of my awareness: the realization what life's events are really all about, and my reactions to them; the understanding of my drives and longings, as well as the active listening to the voice in my head. Without the ego to be aware of, who knows whether I would be such a prolific writer.

So what if I have an ego! All my creations and my understanding of life's events are thanks to the ego. It catapults me through life just fine. While being driven by the ego, I still mostly manage to stay connected to the WAY whenever I interact with others. Today I can accept my drives, my aspirations, my fears and disappointments. Life digests them for me. All I have to do is to show up with the best intentions.

It is a narrow path at times. Occasionally I drift off as life teaches me yet another lesson, yet HER messengers are everywhere and gently direct me back on track. I accept myself unconditionally, and I can't wait for yet another day when life shows me the WAY. Conflicts and problems I salute you, you give me something important to share with others.

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