Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Way of the Christ

Miracles occur naturally as expression of love.
(A Course in Miracles)

I have changed a lot in my more than twenty year career in the financial industry. The first 14 years I worked and interacted with others without spirituality in mind. I was ethical and nice for sure, just as most of my colleagues were, but nothing more than that.
Spirituality was simply not a concept I would have associated with a business setting. But then some spiritual awakening took place, which ironically enough started in a business meeting. I described this spiritual experience and my first encounters with the WAY in my first book, "The Magnificent Experiment".

Magic and synchronicity awaits us everywhere, at home, at work, in nature, on the streets, as well as in churches and temples. There was also a brief period when I realized that running after the light also brings us closer to the shadow, and these dark creatures at least need some acknowledging before we can fully move to the next spiritual level. Again, in my forthcoming books, "The Way of the Meister" and "The Way of Shadow and Light", I will describe this maturing and the growing up process in some detail.

Now I want to devote my next professional years to show that doing well and being creative in a knowledge industry is in fact the result of the collaboration of colleagues and taking care of each other. I appeal to Christ to show me that the sky is the limit in all professional settings when we choose love instead of confrontation and competition. I bet you that we light workers manage to find love even in the most competitive of industries, and where love is, miracles are always nearby.

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