Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Ugly Duckling

I think I was 13 when it happened. Suddenly life as a teenager was supposed to change from playing soccer and doing homework to looking cool and being popular with the girls. Well, I kind of missed a few months in this adjustment, and some of my class mates decided that I was the ugly duckling so they shunned me. What was strange about this rude wake-up call though, in just a year's time I was cool again.

This memory popped up again when my boss decided that he wanted me gone. I have been given the cold shoulder and the silent treatment from him for a while now, and apparently nothing I do can remedy the situation. So I just shrug my shoulders, hang out with my friends instead and double my efforts to override the negative energy emanating from him. With some morbid curiosity I even looked forward to finding out how this strange movie will end. I am pretty sure that in a couple of year's time I will look back to this period with the same bewildered amusement as I today reflect on my rocky teenager years.

It was not so hard to figure out what that struggle was all about. It was a cleansing process, the good from the bad, the energy reducing activities from the energy-giving ones. One day I will thank my boss for having put me through this. My calls have become bolder, the communication more effective, and my circle of friends wider. We all know how the story of the ugly duckling ends, he will once again become a beautiful swan.

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