Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Big Ego Required

If you are going through hell, keep going.
(WInston Churchill)

I remember someone in a spiritual community arguing years ago that it takes a big ego to reach enlightenment. He was spiritually quite advanced so I was naturally surprised about his statement, as were many others. Today I have a better understanding what he may have had in mind.

The WAY surrounds us with the people and events that guide us through our spiritual mission. The tougher the individual who goes through the ordeal the more pronounced the transformation will be in the end. I have had my most touching moments and my most vivid spiritual experiences when I felt near a breaking point. 

Strong souls have to sign up for the enlightenment course. It is my hunch that everyone of us will have a 'Moses Red Sea' moment, and it takes a strong soul to go through with it.  Never mind a big ego starting the trip, a beautiful soul will come out on the other side. If you find yourself going through hell, muster your will-power and just keep going.

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