Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What is Holy to You?

You're not looking for the PATH. You are creating an atmosphere so that the PATH shows ITSELF to you
(Abraham, my capitalization)

In 'Live and Let Die', James Bond meets a powerful Tarot Card Reader and sleeps with her even though she knows that she will lose her powers. The oracle says only a virgin can tell the future, and she believes it.

How different we spiritual travelers all are. Some excel in synchronicity, some heal. Some are psychics. Some have special connections with nature and animals. Some see the future in star alignments, in birth and number charts. Some speak with GOD.

Similarly, everyone lives their life a little differently to enjoy that metaphysical world that others apparently don't have access to. Everyone has a special 'church' so to speak.

I go by energy and can tell what eats into my energy and what gives me my spiritual powers. The network of people I am embedded in gives me power, as does truth, trust, co-operation and kindness.

Violence, sexual images, gossip, agendas of every sort and scheming or evil people drains my power. I cannot listen to news but I can stand up to evil. I can even spin a fast one to defend people, but afterwards I need to step out of the dark energy field.

We all have our special 'church' and what is holy to us changes over the decades. The Holy Spirit works with us and shows us the WAY. Something we all have in common though, we all specialize in recognizing, giving and receiving love.

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