Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Going the Wrong Way, Christian?

After an early start to the day I was on my way to the gym. It was around 9am, and as I headed out of the building to get some exercise, a number of colleagues passed me on their way to work. One of my colleagues smiled at me and in her attempt to make some small talk said, "going the wrong way, Christian?" An auspicious statement indeed. Again it looked like I was caught on the wrong side of the investment trade recommendation, as it tends to happen once or twice a year. Many of the colleagues who tend to go more with the flow of the market disagreed with me at that time. So her statement may have been figuratively right. I honestly didn't know at that time. That is always how it goes with the WAY. I am only told what I have to do, but I never know whether my ego will end up enjoying the ride or not. What I always can tell, however, I know when to hold with iron conviction my course even when it is a lonely trip indeed. 

Along the WAY we merely follow the instructions from above. It is said that Sokrates once went with his friends up a hill to a festive gathering. Suddenly his demon told him to turn around, and that is exactly what he did. He had no idea why and probably wondered whether his demon just made him miss out on a fun-filled evening. Next day he heard that his friends didn't go either. They continued climbing the hill and were suddenly surrounded my pigs that were bathing in the mud. Many slipped and had to go home instead smelly and dirty. Socrates must have been a Tao traveler as well. We do what we are told to do because we have learned the hard way, you don't want to be around when the warning materializes.

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