Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Different Faces of Spirituality

The universe 
is not punishing you.
It is not blessing you.
It is not controlling you.

The universe responds to the vibration you are creating. Think happy and happiness will come to you. Think negatively and negativity will come to you. What we put out into the universe, we will get back like an echo.

There is a time for the Christ - the time when you realize that your struggling brother needs a lift. Magically, as you extend your hand, both of you get healed.

There is a time when the Blue Lord is speaking to you on the battle field of life. Tough choices are necessary to see your mission through. Magically, everyone is better off afterwards.

There is a time when the Spirit is talking through synchronicity, nature or animals. The time when the crow alerts you to trouble, and as you reach the safety of your car, you see the guys nearby who are are up to no good.

There is a time when you sit with Buddha at the center of the circle while the wheels of life are spinning fast. There is nothing to do in this state, your being is your doing.

The quote from above states a law of physics, there is no spirituality in it. It implies that all our stumbling blocks are essentially self imposed. You can try to manifest yourself into bliss and happiness but more likely than not your soul comes with some baggage attached that you have to sort through. That's where spirituality comes in. GOD offers the WAY out, the time of the Christ, the time for your mission, and the time when the Spirit helps you. If you have the serenity to enjoy happiness and bliss, the better for you. Otherwise, let GOD help you in each and every situation by always showing you the WAY.

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