Friday, July 28, 2017

The Dream

It is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed.
Thomas Moore

I once had a strange dream during my graduate school days. I dreamt that Jesus Christ, after countless reincarnation with the mission to save humanity, crumbled under the pressure and became a drug addict. Then I saw myself marrying my girl-friend and we both ascended to Heaven together.

The dream left a big impression on me. During those days I in fact wondered whether I should become a monk. While I can't tell how this choice would have turned out for me, the message of the dream was pretty clear: go and find GOD by jumping into the busyness and messiness of life!

I did marry my girlfriend from my graduate school days and we celebrate our 20 year wedding anniversary today. I also found GOD. When you follow the journey of the Christ you will experience a 1000 cuts. If you run after your ego cravings, you also won't be any better off. When you become a monk you are protected from life, but it might be an escape from life's messiness. There is no wrong or right, and there are many idiosyncratic paths tailored to our different soul longings. 

I have chosen the WAY of the pragmatic spiritual traveler. With one foot in real life as a financial strategist and one foot in the spiritual world I gather the many insights life grants me. Life is telling me GOD's WAY, moment by moment.

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