Saturday, July 29, 2017

Green Thumb

"If you aspire financial success, surround yourselves with big leaves", my astrologer suggested many years back. You may picture my surprise when I heard his message, but given that he had once diagnosed my wife's illness from long-distance merely by studying her astrological chart, I had learned to take him seriously. From that day on I have only planted big-leaf bushes and plants in my yard.

At work I had a career low some ten years ago and just around that time my assistant recommended that I better throw away my - what she perceived as - dying money plant. "I might as well give up on my career", I thought to myself, and managed to breathe some new life into it with careful replanting. Career-wise, I made a come-back as well, but then some six months ago this strange story repeated itself.  A different colleague complained about my - what she perceived as - sorry looking plant, and like clock-work, my boss told me a month later that my job was on the line.

I am not sure why my professional career seems to be mixed up with that particular plant but today I don't do anything about the situation we both are in. Yes, I did put a couple of fertilizer sticks into its soil but that is all. I have faith that better days will be ahead, both for my professional career as well as my plant, but if not, I am also happy to start something new somewhere else. Whatever GOD might have in store for me next, I hope that my green thumb will stay with me.

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