Friday, July 7, 2017

The Mid-life Opportunity

By will, I do not mean will-to-power as conceived by Nietzsche and Adler, or“wish” in the Freudian sense, though it might include both these aspects. I mean rather an autonomous organizing force in the individual which does not represent any particular biological impulse or social drive but constitutes the creative expression of the total personality and distinguishes one individual from another. (Otto Rank)

The ego drives us in the first half of our life and we tend to run after something that we think makes us happy. It might be power, sex, wealth, knowledge or status. Of course we will sugar-code our motivations to make them more appealing and presentable to ourselves and others, but if we were a bit more honest, deep down inside there is always a hunger to be special. As we reach the mid-life phase something in us awakes from a slumber and we see the ego game for what it is. It is often a rude awakening and we start looking for meaning instead. 

What is important to realize about the mid-life transformation though, we suddenly have the option to distance ourselves from the ego drive. The ego was the rocket that catapulted us into outer space so to speak - and it can now be safely disposed of - as we connect with the serene and powerful energy of our new-found life mission. We connect to life's energies and demands instead of being run by our own longings and biases.

We are GOD's co-creators and we have a job to do. It is not an entirely self-less journey in the sense that along the WAY our needs and wishes are definitely being taken care off. Yet, our actions are not about that at all, they are about our spiritual mission instead. Along the WAY we do not have to negate the ego, nor fight our self. All we have to do is to show up and do our job. SELF and self walk hand in hand when we tackle GOD's given mission. All struggle and conflict is finally behind us.

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