Thursday, July 6, 2017

Just Sit There

Our thesis will be that there is indeed a way of healing, or of making whole, by accepting REALITY, in terms of personal experience, just as it presents itself.” (E. Graham Howe)

When you understand the yin and yang energy of events, it is so much easier to forgive and forget life's little cuts. The colleague who is under lots of pressure and simply has a bad day. The friend who has subconscious misgivings about us, and the situation she is in, and suddenly loses it a little. At work I am often in high pressure environments so I have seen many faux-pas. As a matter of fact, I made quite a few myself.

Yet, high intensity as the work as a financial strategist can be, it also has been a fairly stable work environment with people coming and going for nearly a quarter of a century. After a decade or two I realized that life unfolds in the way of a spiral and the same events and people show up until we have found a way to deal with them, accept and ultimately let go of everything.

I discovered that there is a seven to nine year rhythm behind life's events. The first time around when we get ill-treated we don't know better and cry murder. The second time around we are more experienced so we react more professionally but inside we still wince. But then, presented with the same situation a third time around we most likely don't even blink. 

I think this line of reasoning is behind Jesus', "if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also" command. It is not that we light-workers invite or tolerate abuse, it is that we show strength and foresight in the presence of weakness because we know that we are dealing with ghosts of the past that soon will vanish into thin air.

Just sit there and don't do anything. Give your friend a chance to find himself after his tamper tantrum and the bad air is gone forever.

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