Friday, August 25, 2017

A Conversation with God

SPIRIT or self? Love or fear? GOD or ego? These are the choices we spiritual travelers are presented with moment by moment. Too bad that there is no simple formula to follow. Too bad that life is complicated indeed.

The 'mistake' we just made might be the very insight that brings the next break-through. The spiritually kosher decision might be 'wrong' from a Soul development perspective as we fail to learn the important exception to the spiritual rule. There is sometimes no telling what is spiritually 'wrong' and what is 'right' as we face the situation but then we realize that it doesn't even matter as our Soul advances with every step we take.

Every situation, every object, every person and word is a symbol relevant for our Soul journey. In hindsight we always know which was of GOD, which was against it, and why this particular decision was a necessary step in our spiritual evolution:


Soul                symbol


Our Soul matures by making the next choice with or against GOD with an open mind and in good faith. The SPIRIT educates our Soul by using the symbol at hand that presents itself and by patiently explaining to us why it matters to the self, our Soul development and why SPIRIT let it come into our life in the first place.

Life is an ongoing conversation with GOD and is designed to set us free. Just be yourself and let SPIRIT carry you HOME.

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