Thursday, August 24, 2017

Peace is Power

His father thought his older brother was stronger than he and that was incentive enough for him to hit the gym 5 hours a day. He made bodybuilding a household name by winning the Mr. Olympia title 7 times and the Mr. Universe title 5 times. From there on his restlessness and un-matched will-power made him conquer Hollywood and later even politics.

Isn't it amazing that little childhood wounds can propel some to unmatched heights, whereas some others feel that they are procrastinating and unworthy. Truth of the matter is, everyone can realize that the perceived flaw is often a blessing in disguise. The folks with bees under their bonnets can pick a worthwhile mission and transmute their burning passion into a serene energy that way while feeling a sense of accomplishment when their mission is finally done.

The 'procrastinators types;, in contrast, can realize that they already have what the over-achievers are out to get, peace. It is our restless and driven society that classifies the 'procrastinators' as misfits, when they often are closer to serenity and peace of mind than the restless folks. Some of us are born with a sense of fulfillment, but society tells them they should be more driven instead. Eventually they awaken to the fact that they have every right to enjoy their birth-right, peace and happiness.

GOD has given all of us a perfect path. Eventually everyone realizes that peace is power.

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