Monday, August 28, 2017

Finding our Place in the Universe

Why do we choose our professions, or as it is often the case, why did life chose our profession for us?  Why do we hang out with the people who are in our life, and why are our family members often so different from us?

The Soul wants what it wants. We spiritual travelers can choose our awakening process, but fate and our past choices also have a say. In the end we simply have to respect the resistance we face as we try penetrating higher spiritual realms.

It is our mission to gaze at the sky for spiritual inspiration, but it is equally important to have our feet firmly planted at the ground. When we aim to advance without a firm foundation our ego will undermine our progress.



The Soul wants what it wants, and our ego sometimes does what it does. Being unhappy with where we currently are is also an ego plot. Listen to our Soul longings is a skill, and appreciating how far we have already advanced is a virtue.

When we find our place in the universe we can be with GOD, always!

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