Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What is a Spiritual Warrior?

I found this note on Facebook and thought it was an excellent description of what the true function of a 'light-worker' is all about. Yes, we come in the name of love, but we will not allow abuse either. We understand that all the 'bad' stuff that comes our way is an opportunity to grow and to let go, so we don't really mind facing it. The 'warrior' expression is only used to describe our bad-ass attitude towards our own fears and limitations. We don't need to fight anyone but ourself, but occasionally we do have to be firm and assertive when life asks us to stand up for what we perceive to be the WAY. Below is the note that describes our spiritual function quite beautifully:

A Spiritual Warrior is someone who experiences
 life’s natural ups and downs in stride 
and sees painful circumstances as dharmic challenges
 to learn from, not as bad luck to lament. 

It takes the courage and emotional honesty of a Spiritual Warrior 
to walk the path of Conscious Awareness in a world 
where most souls are unaware of their Buddha nature.

A Spiritual Warrior does not complain or regret anything that happens 
because she sees her life as an endless series of incarnational challenges, 
which she does not judge as good or bad, or as right or wrong. 

The basic difference between an ordinary person 
and a Spiritual Warrior is that she converts 
every ‘so-called problem’ into an 
opportunity to train her egoic mind 
to serve her dharmic reason for incarnating.

She accomplishes this by deliberately drawing upon 
her God-given powers of Light and Love, 
which helps her remember that 
She Lives In This World, 
But She Is Not Of This World.

Paraphrased by
Master Coach Hu Dalconzo
from the works of Eckhart Tolle,
Jack Kornfield & Steve Siebold

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