Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Light-working - Dive Right In

We typically associate the expression 'light-working' with the notion that it is our mission to help the world. I propose a path of just hanging around. We don't have anything to prove and nothing to lecture. We follow our path and we give a helping hand should the occasion arise, hence the expression light-worker. Yet, once we make the 'betterment' of the world our goal, karma will still stick to us. It might be 'good' karma, but it is still something that puts a layer between us and GOD. Instead, I propose to use life as an opportunity to be in constant contact with our GOD CONNECTION, and to use life as an invite to let go of everything that we are not. 

Our tool-kit along the WAY consists of Spirit, heart, sub-conscience and mind, all in interaction with life itself:


Mind                                  Heart          < - >            Life


The Kingdom of GOD permeates everything. We make SPIRIT our ally whenever we can, given that SHE does all the heavy lifting in our perceived success. Yet, when our ego acts up, it is unfortunately up to us to remove the self-imposed interference.

Our heart is trusted ally in our spiritual quest unless it mirrors the weight of the past or jumps in anticipation of an illusionary future. 

The WAY has HER messengers who inform us about our hidden drives, longings and fears. Awakening to our sub-conscience is part of the WAY.

Our mind can illuminate the path before us, but it can also send us on a spiritual wild goose chase. Powerful as the mind appears, it is just one of many tools in our spiritual arsenal. 

What we encounter daily is the physical expression of everything that happens within us. All of life's events and the people we hang out with show us how we understand ourself and how we perceive life's attitude towards us. The lesson plan of a spiritual Meister is to break free from these chains by diving into the busyness of life and allow it to strip us of everything we are not.

 It turns out that by going for the ride with a self-less attitude, we do realize that the world is our oyster and that we can bring 'betterment' to the world. This realization, however, is an after-thought and not the motivation of the spiritual quest. The purpose is merely to let life and SELF reflection put us in touch with GOD.

Dive right in!

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