Thursday, August 10, 2017

Get your job done and move on

The memory of the past unfulfilled desires traps energy, which manifests itself as a person. When its charge gets exhausted, the person dies. Unfulfilled desires are carried over into the next birth. I do not say that the same person is reborn. It dies and dies for good. But its memories remain and their desires and fears; they supply the energy for a new person
(Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)

I watch the video of Kate Perry's 'Rise' and see the intense facial expressions of the competing athletes in Brazil's Olympics. The winners release this tension in one magnificent joyful explosion, the losers have to try again next time or find a new field that can express their competitive nature in. I don't have that burning desire any more in my job as a financial strategist but I am still in the race, carried by the energy of the people I am interacting with. Give me a good challenge, a meaningful encouragement or a unpleasant exchange to go up against and I will jump into the race like anyone. The spiritual advantage of being a warrior for twenty plus years though, we are kind of done with this competing stuff and more interested in collaboration and succeeding together.

Kerry Underwood sums up this energy entanglement quite well in 'See you again',

I will see you again, oh,
this is not where it ends.
I will carry you with me, oh,
'till I see you again!

When we fail to accomplish a mission, it prints itself into our soul and our DNA. We take this homework into a future life and our off-spring will also likely have to deal with the lingering energy. Never walk away from a mission worth fighting for. Refining perhaps, but never quitting! Retreat to take a break or to fight another day but then come back with twice the energy and motivation. The sub-conscience is relentless that way. Get your job done and move on. 

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