Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What's Your Mission? (Revised)

Before the truth can set you free, you need to recognize the lies that are holding you hostage.

I have a personal "mission statement" at home in which I put all my achievements, goals, dreams and aspirations. I borrowed this concept from Kerry Spackman's "The Winner's Bible", and would recommend this methodology to everyone. It sounds so easy to write down what truly matters but especially for us spiritual travelers it can get confusing very fast. What is an ego desire, and what is a soul longing? When does an egotistic whim take our spiritual hostage, and when are we putting our authentic needs second in the name of spirituality?  Our brain always manufactures a "truthfulness" around all our desires so just because something sounds good, or even feel right doesn't mean that it is. 

For every kosher spiritual goal there is also delusion, repression and naïveté. Behind every egotistic drive there might also an authentic needs that our soul cries out for. A spiritual path is there to sort this out. Life stands ready to present us the choices that allow us to define ourself. Take a few minutes to write down answers to each question,

What is your spiritual mission?

What are your ego distractions?

What is the soul crying out for?

What subconscious drives may you not yet have woken up to?

What interferences have plagued you and why are they so persistent?

My lesson learned, the soul has certain needs that need to be fulfilled and the sooner we are willing to admit this, the easier and the more fun our spiritual ride will be. I am competitive at heart and I like to be admired. I am also kind, co-operative and have a tendency to surround myself with people who complement me. I seem to have a subconscious urge towards wholeness even if it takes plenty of pressure and conflict to get there. I am great at conflict resolutions as people trust me. 

I have reached the stage where I no longer try to separate what is of ego and what is of GOD, I simply write the story that works for all voices and drives. In my career as a financial strategist I positioned myself in a way that allowed me to work with a group of experts, while ensuring that my personal insights are heard and appreciated at the same time. In my upcoming profession as a spiritual writer and a coach there will be similar mix of team work, guidance of others as well as individual authorship.

I am happy with the story I am writing for myself and I thank my path for stirring my passions and for giving me purpose. Perhaps you can use this opportunity to write your goals down. Am high but be flexible enough to refine them when you start discovering conflicts or when life points you in a different direction. That is what a spiritual path and the Winner's Bible is for. It is a soul searching process that sooner or later will guide you HOME.

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