Saturday, August 19, 2017

Give the Soul what it Wants

Every Soul that incarnates carries with it negativity or it would not take birth all.

My brother asked his wife what she thought of my theory that children choose their parents before they are born. Without thinking she responded, "this is a beautiful theory", perhaps inspired by the recent birth of their son. There was almost something Einsteinesque about her statement. Yes, simple, logical and fair, that's how GOD's laws typically work.

I have always been suspicious of religious doctrines that only a select few are chosen to be with GOD. Sure, everything is possible but that is not where my conjecture would start. Spirituality might be an improvement over religion but there is even exclusiveness and arrogance in the New Age claim that some are somehow more awakened and special than others. 

I hope you see the beauty in Emmanuel's quote from above: no one embodiment on earth is more special than the other. Everyone comes here with a homework. The businessman who retires after 30 years of struggle with greed and ethics might be closer to being done with the rainbow color red than the monk who suppresses sexual temptation in GOD's name.

The self versus SELF tension is real but it doesn't have to be a source of struggle. The Soul has longings and karmic obligations that life reminds us of. Our spiritual path allows us to express our self without cutting our GOD connection. Let's be loving and pure but also flexible and smart. Let life teach us what our Soul really wants and let's live a little.

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