Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Spiritual Meaning of my Job

We are afraid of not knowing what comes next, and so we make our lives predictable. Don't be afraid of what comes next. You'll be ok. (@PeacefulMindPeacefulLife)

I wish I could explain the spiritual significance of the confusing situation I am in. I work in the financial industry, a profession that is often viewed as greedy and heartless in our spiritual community. I also 'hate' my job as this high pressure environment has given me several nervous breakdowns and turned my hair prematurely gray. My spiritual partner and I nearly broke up over it as she is tired of my endless complaining that I can't take it anymore. Yet, I have a mission to complete here, and strange as it sounds, it has catapulted me into GOD's arms.

I am an introvert so I am naturally shy of meeting others. I also happen to be extremely risk averse. It is only thanks to my job that I understand how different we all are. No one views this world the same, and there is no 'wrong' or 'right' in our perceptions. I work with 'player natures' and realize how happy they are taking on risk why I nearly die facing this uncertainty. It is because of my stressful job that I now understand that my mind is wired to somehow 'protect' itself against the holy NOW.

Life is wild, life is ever-changing, but it is also protective and kind. To experience life's spiritual meaning you have to be open to it 100 percent. I thank my job for having ripped off my protective gear and my blinder. Today I still have qualms taking off my clothes on a public beach when everyone else there is dressed and jump naked into the waters. Yet today I will do it if life asks me to whether I like it or not. Life is a ride encouraging us to set us free of our ego moment by moment. I am living for the NOW and will do whatever it takes to stay next to HER.

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