Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Life Sets You Free

I have a foot in the real world, not so much because I want to but because I have to. School bills have to be paid for two growing boys, and our spiritual avocation doesn't pay so well. So life encourages me to jump right into the real world whether I like it or not.

Perhaps you have noticed that once we have a foot in the real world we also tend to be a bit more tolerant of others. Life is messy so please do not judge a brother unless you have jumped  with him into the trenches.

The difference between us spiritual travelers and the 'ordinary folks' is that they are in the game of life to get something. We also have our aspirations but have learned the hard way to only act with the benefit of all parties in mind. We never can cut a corner because our belief system would beat us up over it. Others do not face these constraints. Karma works over long time spans, leaving everyone with the illusion that being self-centered one can advance.

We spiritual travelers are in the business of stepping out of the game of life. We are aware of our ego talking and and learn to look out for everyone despite it. The stress of life makes us very aware of the voice in our head that wants something. Spiritual travelers who opt for a more peaceful life do not have this perspective. Everything happens for a reason. If you find yourself struggle know that the stress of life also helps us to gain freedom.

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