Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rain or Shine, the SELF is fine

You live in a loving universe.
All of the forces are here to give you assistance,
to give you support.

Children deserve to be loved unconditionally and when they are not they receive a wound that they eventually have to recover from later in life. We adults also have to make it through to 'love-less', and consequently, 'life-less' periods and everyone who has experienced one of these stretches can probably attest to the fact that it is not fun! A friend who was from one day to the next told by her husband that he wanted a divorce because he had found a new 'love of his life' reported that she felt like someone pulled a carpet right beneath her feet. Unfortunately, that feeling of being lost with no-one to cling to stayed with her for quite a time. Yup, that's how we feel when love is suddenly withdrawn. What a waste!

I recently experienced a love-less episode at work when the trusted investment platform I was imbedded in was withdrawn. More than that, some higher powers wanted to use that opportunity to push me out. It was painful! You question yourself; you feel anger; you find it nearly impossible to say which attacks are fair and which are entirely fabricated. In any case, eventually these wounds heal. My friend will hopefully find a new life partner and I will eventually move on and develop my own investment platform instead while finding new fans of my research who hopefully will appreciate me for who I am.

We spiritual travelers can be entirely unfazed by these ups and downs. The amazing thing, as we experience these psychological cuts, as hear the screaming voice in our head and progress despite the uncomfortable feeling that is undermining us, we also can perceive a different FORCE; serene, calm, loving and understanding of what is. I have observed that the closer to panic I get, the more the SELF shines through. We spiritual travelers have nothing to fear. Everything is yet another opportunity to connect withy what is REAL. Rain or shine, the SELF is fine.

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